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    the all new water baths
    JULABO PURA water bath Logo
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    Economical. Innovative. Beautiful.
    JULABO PURA Waterbath Logo

PURA the all new water baths from JULABO

Economical. Innovative. Beautiful.
PURA™ 4 Water Bath

The space-saving model for one test tube rack.

PURA™ 10 Water Bath

PURA™ 10 for two test tube racks and a filling volume of up to 10 liters. Like all PURA™ water baths, they have a built-in intelligent drip off design.

PURA™ 14 Water Bath

PURA™ 14 for three test tube racks and a filling volume of up to 14 liters.

PURA™ 22 Water Bath

PURA™ 22 Water Bath for up to 5 test tube racks.

PURA™ 30 Water Bath

PURA™ 30 Water Bath for up to 7 test tube racks. There are no functional elements in the bath and flasks or vessels can be placed down on the flat bath bottom surface.

  • Modern Design. Practical. Clean. Intuitive. Connected.

    JULABO is entering a new era of water baths. PURA™ combines state-of-the-art technologies, most innovative functionality, and a beautiful modern design. Handling and operation is intuitive and flexible – making your routine lab tasks easy and straightforward.

    PURA™ is pure and modern.
    PURA™ is practical.
    Its lift-up cover can be easily mounted and removed,
    without a tool.
    PURA™ is clean.
    Its built-in drain tap lets you drain
    your PURA™ Water Bath without a tool, in seconds.
    PURA™ is intuitive.
    Its menu guidance is straightforward
    and the bright LED display is easy to read.
    PURA™ is connected.
    Its USB data port allows for modern data communication.


PURA™ Water Baths are offering many advantages

  • Bright displays
  • Splash water protected power switch
  • Built-in dry running protection
  • Easy operation
  • Built-in drain tap
  • Built-in drip off design
  • USB data port
  • No disturbing elements in the bath

PURA™ - The advantages at a glance